Envejecimiento en aceros deformados en frío.


    NombrePablo Ezequiel Guerreiro
    DirectoraDra. María José Cancio, Laboratorios del Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de TenarisSiderca
    CodirectorDr. Martín Valdez, Gerente del Departamento de Materiales del Centro de Investigación Industrial de TenarisSiderca
    TutorDr. Mariano Kappes, CAC-CNEA, CONICET, UNSAM 
    JuradoIng. Matías Szarko, CAC-CNEA
    Lugar de realizaciónCentro de Investigación industrial (CINI) de Tenaris Siderca


    Complete Title

    Preparation of sintered long-term stable bioceramics based on materials in the composition system CaO-P2O5-ZrO2-F employing inorganic binders


    A material based on 70Mo1 per cent of fluorapatite (FA) and 30Mol per cent of calcium zirconium phosphate (CZP) was employed. This material was sintered using three different inforganic binders and from each one 3, 5, and 10wt per cent were taken for the preparation of the different charges. Besides, the combination among FA/CZP and the three binders, both materials used - FA/CZP and binder - had different particle size ranges; two forces applied for pressing (5kN and 10kN) and different sintering temperatures (900, 1000, 1100 and 1200 C degrees). For each charge (charge, is a protocol number that identifies each preparation), several tabets were sintered. Subsequently, the tablets were measured to calculate the shrinkage and tried to break by hands. The most mechanically stables were selected for the determination of the compression strength. Almost all the carges were subjected to a solubility test and X-ray analysis. The most suitable material will be selected in the following priorities order: 1) compression strength results; 2) solubility test results

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